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Where are custom hbase filter logs written?


I have a customer filter that extends:


I have overridden the:

public boolean filterRowKey(byte[] data, int offset, int length) { ...}

I have INFO level log statements in this method and I'm trying to find the log location where these logs would be written to when the map/reduce job is running/executed. Does anyone happen to know where these logs would appear. Typically I look at the job history server logs for the mapper/reducers (syslog), but I don't see my log entries there. I think that makes sense b/c they are logs written when the map(), reduce() methods are called. The logs I'm looking for are occurring before this point where it filters out records in the table. I'm trying to understand why my filter isn't working and was hoping to see some debug logs to help clarify what's going on. Any thoughts are appreciated!



For anyone interested.  I found the debug statements in the /var/log/hbase/hbase-hbase-regionserver*.log files.

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