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Where can I find instructions on how to deploy HDP 2.6 Sandbox on AWS?


I am trying to deploy HDP 2.6 Sandbox image for VM on AWS. I used the same instructions as for HDP 2.5, but got inconsistent kernel version error,.


@George Meltser

You can follow this tutorial:

It is written for HDP 2.5 but it can be applied to HDP 2.6 as well.

The image itself can be downloaded from here:

The startup script can be downloaded from here.

You can check additional HDP 2.6 related info here

If you do not stick to Sandbox, you can easily launch a cluster with a basic blueprint with Cloudbreak on AWS.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, pdarvasi.

I would like to finish with sandbox because my goal is to quickly complete all their tutorials. Please help me further:

1. Where do i download the image to? to my windows computer? to s3 bucket on AWS?

2. Where should i run the startup script and using what account?

Sorry if my questions are really stupid, i just started to learn.

@George Meltser As a first step, you should boot an Amazon Linux instance, and run all the commands on this machine after SSH-ing to it.

You can do that with logging in to your AWS account, selecting EC2 service, click on "Launch instance" and select Amazon Linux. You should see sg. like this:


After that, you should choose an instance with at least 16 gb of RAM and SSH to it if it is ready.

You can find some additional documentation here.

Hope this helps (if yes, would you consider accepting my response? :))

@George Meltser If my answer helped you solving your problem, would you mind consider accepting it? Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much, I was looking for HDP 2.6 dockerized version from quiet a long time .



Many thanks for helping me out. However the very first command in the instructions:

  1. sudo yum update -y

fails. I did look it up and it and most likely the problem with yum is related to configuration of Amazon Linux instance. Are there specific steps that i need to do in order to get yum working?

@George Meltser

What is the exact error message, have you managed to solve it?

You might find some useful information about yum setup in the official Amazon FAQ here.

Hope this helps!

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@pdarvasi, @George Meltser

Hi, guys,

Just wondering, is it easier to install hortonworks-sandbox-2.5 - ami-d278c1b2 first, then install Spark 2.2 on top of it? cause mostly I need are Spark 2.2 along with 1.6, for practice

Or I better install a fresh sandbox-2.6 as the instructions?

Or can I have a sandbox-2.6 in HDcloud without setting a multi-node cluster? instructions?

Thanaks a lot


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