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Where can i run sqoop commands?


Hi All,

I dont know much about this please help me.

Im going to get data from RDMS to HDFS using Sqoop. i got the commands that i need to do this, But after putting those commands on Putty. It doesn't recognize at all. Is there anything that i need to do first before i can put some command of sqoop on putty ? or is there another command shell for hadoop?

Thank you in advance!



Master Mentor
@Harold Allen Badilla

It is better to place only one jar of the same type in the lib.. else if there is a bug assicoated with any particular version of the JAR then it will require further debugging to know the buggy class was loaded from jar1 or jar2. So i will suggest you to remove one duplicate jar from the lib.


@Jay SenSharma,

i successfully moved the sqljdbc42.jar here : /usr/hdp/current/sqoop-client/lib/

what else should i do after i moved the jar file? i try again another import command but somethings wrong again.