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Where i can donwload last version of Cloudera VM QuickStart?

New Contributor



I understand that Cloudera VM Quickstart is outdated, but i really need to use this outdated cloudera version to study for exams certifications.


I did not understand why cloudera simply remove the images, if the company doesn´t replace these images with a new version up to date. If it´s not possible, why Cloudera remove and doesn´t supply  nothing in their place? Why Cloudera doesn´t maintained the last previous version to download with a "big warning" that this version will be replaced? Cause i have understand QuickStart is only for evaluations and study purposes.


Without warnings in their site or images of last version to download .. maybe new users fell lost about what to do to study for exams.


I have followed anothers trheads in this forum, and the links provided to download the last version of CDH quickstart doesn´t work (/search?q=cache:J6-YuY5yDUYJ: Hortonworks sandblox is not a good source for me, cause i need to focus on cloudera CDH plataform that i will use in my Work and University.

Could Cloudera provide a link to download a vmware image of QuickStart to download.






May I ask which certification you're studying for and what exam? Which university is requiring that you download that specific version of Quickstart VM?


If you don't want to post that publicly, send me a private message using the tools on this site.




Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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