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Where is Hive View on HDP 3 ?


I can't to find the Hive View on HDP 3, and i didn't to find any information about this on documentation.

What I use to replace the Hive View on HDP 3?



I think the answer is DAS (Data Analytics Studio), which is part of DPS (Data Plane Services). Check this blog post:

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I'm a problem with Hive + Superset HDP 3.0.1

When I perform insert with hive / beeline, the insert works normally

When I perform insert with Superset, I't create the job TEZ and the insert execute fast but the process gets stuck. Ater third job start a queue. ( Each job finish about 15 minutes )

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For production, stay on 2.6.2 and HDP 2.6.4. Hopefully, they integrate Hue 4 into HDP now that Cloudera is on board. Makes no sense getting rid of features then offering broken half baked solutions.

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Here is the very good explanation of hive view and hue replace in hdp 3.0