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Which all products of Horton Works are 100 % opensource?



Apart from HDF and HDP, whose source code available on git and 100 % opensource

I want to whether HDcloud , smart sense , cyber security are also 100% opensource


Ketan Kunde


Expert Contributor

@ketan kunde

Some comments:

- HDCloud is an AWS specific Provisioning capability. It is just a layer built upon Cloudbreak, which is open-source.

- SmartSense is more of a service. Cluster logs, metrics, configs, volumetrics, etc. are captured in a bundle and analyzed to produce a set of recommendations/reports. It is more of a process or a service, than an opensource project.

- HCP, aka CyberSecurity, is based on Apache Metron. There are other Apache Projects in HCP - Ni-Fi, Storm, Kafka, Ambari, Ranger (i.e. HDP and HDF).


Thanks for the reply.

I am aware about HDP and HDF and i have also gathered teh source for it to build

I was asking teh above question because i was unable to obtain source code for products like

HDcloud , you have any inputs regarding the source code of thsi products?

@ketan kunde

The github for cloudbreak is :

HCP is based on Apache Metron and the Apache projects in HDP:

As @Graham Martin says, Smartsense and HDCloud are services.

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