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Which source port can I use to test an event with my flume agent?

Hi ,

I tried the port 44444 as on the user guide but the connection is refused.

I have just followed the flume user guide

I copy paste The flume.conf file in the flume service in ambari( as you can see on the picture flumeconf.png)

I have 2 git bash terminal, one for starting the agent and see the log display buy the agent's sink. The other used to telnet localhost.

I have already read another post facing the same problem and resolved it with the port 8050 or 8070. Me i am still facing problem with these both ports ( as you can see on the joined picture connectionrefused-44444-8050-8070.png)

Thanks for your answer.


Master Collaborator

telnet should be performed at port 44444 only as the Flume source is listening at that port. You can do a "netstat -ntlp | grep 44444" to verify that the port is open. The text you send through your telnet session "Hello World" would be processed by Flume agent and written to the Flume logs through the logger sink.

Hi dear, I agree with you but i do not get the result expected.

On the picture flumeagent.png , in the first red rectangle , I have launch the cmd and the state for the port 44444 is 'LISTEN'

When I created and started the agent a1, I noticed that the flume.conf file in the /conf/ directory of flume has not changed. Bit the directory a1 has been created contain a file flume.conf. Is this normal?

I have used this second conf file (In a1 directory) to test the event.

I opened a second terminal to telnet de port 44444 but i am still facing this problem of "connection refused"

as you can see on the picture connectionrefused-44444-connection-refused.png

What is wrong with my environment?

What should i test to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks a lot for your response.

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