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Whole dn path of loggedon user in NiFi

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Hi, is there any way to prevent this and use just username as info?

Thanks (i can post my configs if needs)






You can edit the login-identity-providers.xml present under /etc/nifi/conf and update the below property:




<property name="Identity Strategy">USE_DN</property>




<property name="Identity Strategy">USE_USERNAME</property>


If its an Ambari managed nifi cluster the go to Ambari --> Nifi --> Configs --> Advanced nifi-login-identity-providers-env  and update the above property then restart the nifi service and login with user name instead of complete CN.

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thanks for the response.

If i change Identity Strategy from USE_DN to USE_USERNAME i'm getting the following error:




It seems that the user entry is missing in users.xml file (default location /var/lib/nifi/conf). Once these files get created then it will not be re-generated or modified if you later make any changes in any of the configuration xml files. Hence try to rename these files users.xml and authorizations.xml and restart the nifi services so that nifi can re-create these two files with  correct user details and policies.

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Hi, thanks, yes i did that, but in adition, i changed authorizers.xml so that "Initial Admin Identity" is just a username. Now it looks like this:


Although "USE_DN" is still in the "Identity Strategy".

Any way to get full name instead og username?