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Why does my entity disappear from Atlas after adding a tag with attributes?

New Contributor


I created a hive table (it is visible in Atlas). Then I created a tag which has two attributes

After trying to add this tag to the table I got an error:

As a result my table is no longer visible in Atlas.



Did I set attributes in a correct way? I understand that attributes can be of any value regardless input type (int/string etc.) ?

Why did my table disappear?


Expert Contributor

@Martyna Kowalska,

What is the HDP version are you using ?

Can you create another tag with attributes and check if the you able to reproduced it, also provide logs from /var/log/atlas/application for investigating the root cause.


New Contributor

@Nixon Rodrigues

I use 2.5 version of hdp.

I created another tag with two attributes and with that one works, so I guess it must be related to tag. I tried to add that one to entities of various types and having different types of values asigned to attributes, but the original does not work.

Here are relevant logs:


I hope that is sufficient

Expert Contributor

@Martyna Kowalska,

Can you please output of below API call for tag mk_kod, i think tag mk_kod is not created properly.

curl -kv -u admin:admin http://<atlas-host>:21000/api/atlas/types/mk_kod

New Contributor

@Nixon Rodrigues

sorry for being quiet. We had un upgrade of HDP and Atlas. Now it looks like that it helped - all entities are visible - these which disappeared after failing to add a tag - reappeared. Now I am able to add this tag which cauesed problems before with success.

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