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Why is memory used in cluster equal to vCores used

Why is memory used in cluster equal to vCores used

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In cluster metrics, memory used is always equal to number of vCores in use.

Forex: if 18 vcores are in use, memory used is 18 GB.This looks weird to me. Could someone please explain what's happening here , if I should allow more memory to be used and how to do that

I understand by default 1 gb is allocated to each of the containers and number of containers running at a time is equal to vcores used.

However, I see Memory available in my cluster is 150GB and being used it upto 50 GB since that is the number of vcores.

I am getting these numbers from cluster metrics.

metrics for referrence:

Cluster Metrics

Apps SubmittedApps PendingApps RunningApps CompletedContainers RunningMemory UsedMemory TotalMemory ReservedVCores UsedVCores TotalVCores Reserved
21400921312424 GB150 GB0 B24560

Re: Why is memory used in cluster equal to vCores used

@Simran Kaur

In your case each container is using 1G and 1 vcore this is why the Memory Used = VCores Used.

Yarn configuration provides a min and max container size for memory. If you like to use more per container you should increase the container min size for memory.

yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb=1024 (default)

yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-mb=8192 (default)

For example, if you set min container size memory to 2G, then when all containers are running memory utilization will grow to 100G instead of just 50G.


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