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Why size of fsck report higher than fsimage?

As part of the upgrade process , we are taking backup using "fsck / -files -blocks -locations > fsck.log"

Size of fsimage was 12GB .. but the size of this log is going beyond 50 GB..

How can we recover fsimage from this fsck report? Is it worth to spend time to take this backup?




New Contributor

Hi anil,It will be updated at the next fsimage checkpoint.

There are other methods of update :

1-execute this command in the secondary namenode or the standby one

dfsadmin -saveNamespace

2-or by changing the parameters :

dfs.namenode.checkpoint.period,dfs.namenode.checkpoint.txn,and the period of checking these conditions:dfs.namenode.checkpoint.

Note: this operation is CPU and memory intensive you should choose the right time and parameters.

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