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Why we see Total Outstanding Resource Requests: ?


So our application is requesting the containers but they are already running but we also see that

Total Outstanding Resource Requests: <memory:921600, vCores:6>

So bit confused that App is running or not.


This is the app_attempt UI

Also I am not able to see the logs for that containers as this will be ever running job.



There are two things that you can find in the ScreenShot.

1. Total Allocated Containers

2. Total Outstanding Resource Requests

Where I can see Total Allocated Containers are not utilized from past 140 hours. Outstanding Resource Requests are yet to be allocated to container which seems to be not happening.

So this task is not running!! Please review code/query and re-run it !


Its actually in-memeory database by SAS and they has to say that they can see their DB running.

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