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Working with multiple tables NiFi

Working with multiple tables NiFi

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i am trying to load data from multiple postgresql tables and load it into multiple hive tables. For that, i have followed procedure:

1. ListDatabaseTables

here, i mentioned connection details and database name.

2. routeonAttribure

here, i selected list of tables where i want to load from source into one variable called tables like, ${"student","employee")}

3. Replace text

here, i am replacing content with sql query like:

SELECT * from ${db.table.fullname}


here, fetch source table data.

5. putHive3Streaming

i am trying to load it into Hive like:

database name: default

table name : ${db.table.fullname}

Here my problem is, database name is different from source to destination and is there any way to get only table name without database name?
${db.table.fullname} from this expression i want only table name.

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