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Writing custom Stellar function

New Contributor

I am trying to create a custom function in Stellar by following this guide. However, when I get following error when I call the function:

[Stellar]>>> ?NOW [!] No docs available for function 'NOW' java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No docs available for function 'NOW'         at         at         at         at         at         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$         at

From the error messeage, it seems like it can't find the jar file I just created. I made sure that jar exists (in hdfs /apps/metron/stellar), the global.json ($METRON_HOME/config/zookeeper/global.json) is updated to point to this jar file and the finally the the config is pushed to zookeeper with $METRON_HOME/bin/ What could I be missing here? Please help.



Hey @Jay Bhavsar, did you manage to address this issue? I believe I'm having the same issue.

Hey @Otto Fowler Can you please help here ?. I ping you directly because you pushed the sample code 🙂 ( )

Thanks in advance 🙂


Hi @Michael Hidalgo , actually, I pushed the last commit to that file ( cleaning up errors in builds ). Casey Stella is actually the person who is the SME with that code, he wrote the doc.

I would suggest sending an email to the list. You can subscribe by sending a mail to More people will see the question there.

I assume you are running the stellar shell on a cluster machine, and logged in as an account that has rights to that HDFS location right? check that, but let's move that to the mailing list.

Hey @Otto Fowler, thanks for getting back. Sure, I will send the question to that group, it could just be a newbie thing, but I was not able to find a log that could point to the right direction, but surely I will send the question.


New Contributor

I'm having similar issues. Were you able to proceed the right way ?