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XSD schema for template XML.

New Contributor

Hello all.


Is there any XSD/schema for the Nifi template (XML) file?

I would like to know what are mandatory fields, particularly in the '<bundle>' tag. Thanks





@sivakumarss My recommendation would be to start with making some empty (empty process group) templates and study the content.  Next make a template which starts to contain processors and controller services.  Work in small steps comparing content of each.   You should then be able to very easily figure out what is required.



New Contributor

Thanks. i agree this will work.

I was hoping that there is a standard schema documented somewhere. What we are trying to do is to create the XML on the fly (based on some templates) and deploy them. When we are upgrading to a new version, we want to see if we can use same template (looks like we can) or we have to up the version number in the XML file.



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