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YARN can't find openldap user

Expert Contributor

HI, everyone.

i have finished hadoop integrated with openldap, and have tested hive, sentry ,hdfs , it works perfectly. but YARN can't find user in openldap.

when i run mapreduce on os level, it shows me the errors as below:

main : run as user is jialong
main : requested yarn user is jialong
User jialong not found


my question is what should i do to get openldap user by yarn ?  i don't want to create os user on every yarn machines.


Expert Contributor

i found there are some people using SSSD to resolve this issue , install SSSD on every machine, yarn service will find user in local os , if os doesn't have this user, it will find in openldap.  i have tested this solution, it works fine.


but i still don't want to install SSSD on every machine, so my question is still why hdfs, hive, sentry can work fine with openldap, but yarn is not . what should i do ?