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YUM repositories not accessible

New Contributor

I'm trying to mirror the Ambari 2.7.0 and HDP 3.0 yum repositories and recieve the following XML error message when browsing the baseurl:

<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>ambari/centos7/2.x/updates/</Key><RequestId>C8433267B72A662A</RequestId><HostId>QOPZtGcHlSYn0xfPr95LlRh26tFYnkH4R1vi8MIfu6OGSBsD40QIGufFIj3b5X9J+aOkQGd1Vmc=</HostId></Error>

How am I suppose to mirror the repo if I can't access the baseurl? I've mirrored lots of YUM repos before and haven't ever experienced anything like this. If it helps, we are using Artifactory as our mirroring tool.


New Contributor

I'm following the documentation here

One thing I noticed is the documentation references using reposync for mirroring the repositories. Hopefully this error isn't related to reposync being a requirement of mirroring the repositories.

Hi @Chris Clonch,

If you want to setup the Installation of Ambari and HDP via Local Repository, Kindly follow the procedure here :

you can download the Obtain the compressed tape archive file (tarball) for the repository you want to create from here :

Let me know if this helps you, Please login and accept the answer if it did.

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