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Yunikorn UI


We recently upgraded to CDE 1.20.3. After the upgrade we encountered issues related to resource allocation. I suspect that the yunikorn is not properly functionining because jobs are waiting time even if there are available resources to distribute to the spark jobs.

Is there a yunikorn UI available from the CDE where we can access to monitor so we can easily monitor the yunikorn pods?


Super Collaborator

Hello @Ging 

Thanks for engaging Cloudera Community. Based on the Post, Your Team is seeing Resource Allocation Issues with Jobs remaining in Waiting State even if available resources & believe the Issue is linked with YuniKorn as the Issue is being observed after Upgrade to CDE v1.20.3. 

To your Q, Please find the requested details below:

(I) YuniKorn UI: YuniKorn UI is available via CDE UI > Administration > CDE Service "Service Details" > Resource Scheduler
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.52.03 PM.png

(II) For any assumed Issue with YuniKorn, Always Capture the YuniKorn StateDump [1] while the Issue is being Observed. This is Extremely Important as YuniKorn StateDump is Realtime & doesn't help, if the StateDump is captured while the Issue isn't being observed.

(III) Collect the YuniKorn Scheduler & YuniKorn Admission Controller Pod Logs in YuniKorn Namespace while the Issue is happening.

(IV) Attempt a Restart of YuniKorn Scheduler to confirm if the Issue persists after Capturing all above Info. If Yes i.e. Issue persists, Engage Cloudera Support with the StateDump, Pod Logs & Job Event Log, showing the Job being Stuck in Waiting.

Hope the above answers your ask. 

- Smarak