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Zeppelin : Not able to connect Hive Databases (through spark2) HDP3.0


I have installed Hortonworks hdp3.0 and configured Zeppelin as well.

When I running spark or sql Zeppelin only showing me default database(This is the default database from Spark which has location as '/apps/spark/warehouse', not the default database of Hive). This is probably because hive.metastore.warehouse.dir property is not set from hive-site.xml and zeppelin is picking this from Spark config (spark.sql.warehouse.dir).

I had similar issue with spark as well and it was due to hive-site.xml file on spark-conf dir, I was able to resolve this by copying hive-site.xml from hive-conf dir to spark-conf dir.

I did the same for Zeppelin as well, copied hive-site.xml in zeppelin dir(where it has zeppelin-site.xml and also copied in zeppelin-external-dependency-conf dir.

But this did not resolve the issue

*** Edit#1 - adding some additional information ***

I have create spark session by enabling hive support through enableHiveSupport(), and even tried setting spark.sql.warehouse.dir config property. but this did not help.

import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession

val spark =SparkSession.builder.appName("Test Zeppelin").config("spark.sql.warehouse.dir","/apps/hive/db").enableHiveSupport().getOrCreate()

Through some online help, I am learnt that Zeppelin uses only Spark's hive-site.xml file, but I can view all hive databases through spark it's only in Zeppelin (through spark2) I am not able to access Hive databases.

Additionaly Zeppelin is not letting me choose programming language, it by default creates session with scala. I would prefer a Zeppeling session with pyspark.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated



@Shantanu Sharma

I was not aware of that, thank you very much for sharing this