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Zookeeper data_dir can't be created!!

Zookeeper data_dir can't be created!!

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we're using ansible to deploy Cloudera manager v. 5.14.1, and afterwards create a zookeeper+kafka cluster (on the same node + 2 more). Until now we used root user to run ansible, but now we have to work with a sudoer with full permissions. Everything works well until Zookeeper is brought up, when I see this in the stderr log in the UI : 

+ mkdir /opt/external/cloudera/zookeeper-83846c4293dd0fdcf55dd3fb02f8c382
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/opt/external/cloudera/zookeeper-83846c4293dd0fdcf55dd3fb02f8c382’: Permission denied
+ echo 1
/usr/lib64/cmf/service/zookeeper/ line 41: /opt/external/cloudera/zookeeper-83846c4293dd0fdcf55dd3fb02f8c382/myid: No such file or directory

I see on other VMs that the whole path has the same permissions and owners. So my 2 questions are : 


1. What can cause this? Who is the user running the script? We do it the REST api, with the admin user, so I fail to see why there should be permission issues.

2. Where is the log for this script located? Can I increase the log level for it?


Any help is most welcome, thanks!


Re: Zookeeper data_dir can't be created!!

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Any ideas here? The permission issue doesn't go away, no matter what we tried. 


Re: Zookeeper data_dir can't be created!!



Your permission issue is linked to ZK ACL's my good guess is your Kafka is kerberized. Zookeeper requires you to set up a superuser using the zookeeper.DigestAuthenticationProvider.superDigest property.

I don't know how you will integrate that procedure in your Ansible playbook

You will then need to append this in y your KAFKA_OPTS env variable to set the JVM parameters


Please let me know whether that is your situation if that's the case then I will try to help you out


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