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Zookeeper: zookeeper-zookeeper-server-xxxx.out deleted but still open

Zookeeper: zookeeper-zookeeper-server-xxxx.out deleted but still open

Rising Star

I am currently having a serious problem with the output file for zookeeper. I recently noticed that /var/log had 15G full, but du -h /var/log only reported less than 1G.

I checked my deleted files (lsof | grep deleted | grep /var/log) I noticed that there are a number of log files that are deleted, but still open. The most concerning of these is /var/log/zookeeper/zookeeper-zookeeper-server-xxxx.out, which is over 13G in size. In spite of being deleted the file is still open.

Our system admin suggested restarting Zookeeper to clear the file lock - unfortunately this is a production cluster and so restarting Zookeeper is an absolute last resort. I have come up with some possible solutions:

  • Since we have a quorum of 3 servers, would it be realistic to restart only the Zookeeper server on the machine that is giving the problem?
  • If that is not realistic, can I truncate the file (as per this article) to clear the space issue without causing problems to Zookeeper?

If neither of these is possible, what are my other options?

Thanks in advance.