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adding a new nodemanage from cluster is not coming up to ambari



I have a cluster with three nodes

I have installed one node-manger and resource manager on maser node (by mistake) now I want to delete the node manager from master and add two node mangers to node1, and node2 hosts.

On master host, I added a new file /etc/hadoop/conf/yarn.include

and then refresh nodes

sudo -u yarn yarn rmadmin -refreshNodes

I then restarted all yarn component by ambari successfully, but still ambari shows me just one node-manger on master node.

Can anyone give me a hint how to make this work?




Proceed as follows

In Ambari

- Go to Hosts

- Select the Host you want to install the Nodemanager on

- Press +Add and Select Nodemanager.

After installing the data nodes/node manager on node1 & node2 you will need to shut down the node manager and I suppose the data node on master then delete the desired component!


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