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Re: ambari monitor failed to start

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@Krupal Jagtap

The problem is this: (Ambari Version and the Ambari Metrics Component version should be same)

# rpm -qa | grep ambari


Looks like you have not performed the Amabri Post upgrade steps hence your AMS binaries are still Old (2.1.0). where as ambari binaries are 2.2.2

1. Stop the AMS collector Service from ambari UI and then perform the AMS post upgrade steps:

Please verify that you have the correct ambari.repo: (repo should be from 2.2.2 version NOT from 2.1.0)

# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/ambari.repo | grep 2.2.2

2. So please do this on all the hosts where you see AMS binary version as 2.1.0

# yum clean all
# yum upgrade ambari-metrics-monitor ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink


3. And on the host where Ambari Metrics Collector is installed Please do this:

# yum upgrade ambari-metrics-collector


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Re: ambari monitor failed to start

It worked. Thanks a ton Jay Kumar SenSharma . appreciate the patience from your side