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ambari-server start - WARNING: setpgid(4340, 0) failed - [Errno 13] Permission denied


Hi All,

I am new to HortonWorks HDP Installation and bump to the following issue when I am trying to start the ambari server. Any respond is appreciated. Currently we are using AWS Red Hat Linux 7.2 as the OS. Not sure if this information is good enough.



Best Regards

David Yee




@David Yee please populate your hosts file with all the hostnames, specifically FQDN and IP.


I believe this is related to 2.2.0 and known bug. @David Yee

New Contributor

I hit this bug too. The patch mentioned makes no sense to me as I am not able to get which exact line needs removing or appending. Still after some struggle, I modified "/usr/sbin/" as mentioned in patch and when I try to start ambari-server, I face "NameError: global name 'environi' is not defined ". I know I must've made some mistake in updating the file. Is it possible for you to share the modified file here ? So that I can simply download the file and replace it on my test lab and try starting ambari server.

Sorry,I know its too much to ask but any help would be great.Thanks

New Contributor

oh! seems there was a typo. Fixed that "environi" to "environ" and that cleared "Permission Denied" error. I am still getting "exit code -1" and "exit code 255". In logs, it shows -

1) Error injecting method, Exception [EclipseLink-4011] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.2.v20140319-9ad6abd): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseException Exception Description: Error preallocating sequence numbers. The sequence table information is not complete

New Contributor

@Kaushik Dutta and it's fixed in 2.2.1 🙂


I am still getting the setpgid issue in centos 7.

How to get the updated guide to get Ambari 2.2.1 ?

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