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auto save and note.json issues in Zeppelin



I am losing the data continuously if I doesn't execute the paragraphs, I would like to enable the auto save for each and every paragraphs for every 2-5 minutes(even if I doesn't execute the paragraph).

2. Unable to open the notebook if notebook have more errors in note.json, for temparory fix wise I am editing the note.json file and removing those errors. Is there a way to fix this permanently.



@sysadmin CreditVidya For the data loss issue, Can you please elaborate what you were trying to do when you saw data loss ? Zeppelin has autosave feature, but there are some editor reliability issues that are being addressed in community in 0.7.2 release.

As of HDP-2.6, we are on 0.7.0 of zeppelin. So likely that you are seeing these issues.

For note.json, i did not understand your question exactly. Can you please explain more in detail?


@Kshitij Badani

Data lost means - If I copy some lines from another notebook and paste in new notebook and didn't execute the those paragrahs for some time, the copied lines are gone. If I execute those lines it will be save.

If notebook have more errors, it notedown each and every thing to note.json file right? when this file have more entries, we are unable to open the notebook. For that, we removed the error entries from note.json and able to open it. We would like to know is there any permanent fix for this issue.

May I know when will be zeppelin 0.7.2 version release?

@sysadmin CreditVidya

I am not exactly aware about when Zeppelin 0.7.2 will be available on a HDP release.

Regarding your note.json issue, if I understand correctly - you have a notebook containing large number of paragraphs and they have resulted in errors. All these errors are present in paragraph output, and you are not able to open such notebook. But when you remove these errors manually from the json file, then it works . Is it correct understanding of the issue that you are seeing? Is it possible for you to attach your notebook json file with errors here?


@Kshitij Badani

Attached note.json here, I have removed some confidential information from this. We generally remove Results section if we are unable to open the