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can someone please share me any reference link to connect kafka->storm->druid->superset?

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Thank you Pankaj for your quick reply. Please let me try out by replacing tranquility with storm.

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Hi All / @Pankaj Kadam, while i was trying out druid superset integration in HDP 2.6.5 sandbox, i have created a druid cluster and datasource, but when i access the data from superset,it showing "No data was returned" message.

Please note the steps which i have followed.

Step1: Sample wikipedia data Ingested to Druid successfully.

Step2: Add Druid cluster


Step3: Add Druid datasource

a. Details given for creating druid datasource druiddatasource.png

b. Auto populated druid columns , i can see these druid column details when i go for editing druid data source.


But when i go to superset console by clicking on druid datasource link supersetnodata.png , its showing

" No data was returned " message

Do you have any idea about this Data population issue? Could you please check the steps and the configuration which i have followed is correct or not.

Thanks in advance.



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Its working now, issue was due to wrong selection of time granularity and origin field in superset UI. Also one "/" (after directory examples, eg. /examples/ " was missing in baseDir attribute of ioConfig . we can mark this as closed.