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cannot compile kudu on debian stretch

cannot compile kudu on debian stretch

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meanwhile i wait until a new debian repository for kudu 18 is build i try tro compile with stretch.

when i follow the kudu install documentation i stuck with the first step

Install the prerequisite libraries, if they are not installed...

i get this on my docker debian:


When users attempt to use Kerberos and specify a principal or user name without
specifying what administrative Kerberos realm that principal belongs to, the
system appends the default realm. The default realm may also be used as the
realm of a Kerberos service running on the local machine. Often, the default
realm is the uppercase version of the local DNS domain.

Default Kerberos version 5 realm:




Re: cannot compile kudu on debian stretch

Master Collaborator
This is not related to Kudu, rather than a warning message regarding Kerberos configuration. If you want to use kerberos, make sure you have a valid KDC server and correct krb5.conf file on the client.

Re: cannot compile kudu on debian stretch

New Contributor
i know it is not directly related but to compile kudu its depends on it and i need to ask somewhere. i figured it out, i added export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive to install the kudu requirements i use now: RUN export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive && \ apt-get -y install apt-utils \ wget \ dstat \ aptitude \ ntp \ krb5-admin-server \ krb5-kdc \ krb5-user \ libkrb5-dev \ autoconf \ automake \ curl \ flex \ g++ \ gcc \ gdb \ git \ libsasl2-dev \ libsasl2-modules \ libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit \ libssl-dev \ libtool \ lsb-release \ make \ openjdk-8-jdk \ openssl \ patch \ pkg-config

Re: cannot compile kudu on debian stretch

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working example to compile and install the latest kudu on the latest debian distro
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