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cdh6.3.X hbase version problems

New Contributor

in cdh_6.3.X packing, the hbase version is 2.1.4, the link is as following.


actually, when i install cdh, the hbase version is 2.1.0.  and the version is less than the min verion 2.1.1 of hbck2.


i can't use hbck2 to fix hbase, when i met RIT problems.


Can anybody help me solve the problem? thanks a lot 





Hi @Li ;


Did you try hbck1 before ?

it is deprecated and if you tried it it seems that it complicate the situation with hbase 2.x




New Contributor

thanks, but hbck2 only support the hbase version equal or more than "2.0.3", "2.1.1", "2.2.0", "3.0.0", the code as following:

cdh6.3.X documents shows inner hbase verison is 2.1.4. actually the hbase verison of cdh6.3.X is 2.1.0, so i cannot use hbck2 to repair hbase.


I am not sure that you cant use it as your verison of hbase is  2.1.0 > 2.0.3 right?


could you try it and share the result of RIT ?




Super Collaborator

Hello @lihao 


This is an Old Post, yet we can use "-skip" flag of HBCK2 Tool to ensure the HBCK2 Tool doesn't check the Master Version. The "-skip" flag is documented via Link [1], which is the Git Page of HBCK2 Tool.


- Smarak




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