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charts frequency ?

New Contributor




Is there a way to set how frequently the metrics on the host (like cpu utilisation, memory free, io etc..) are collected ? 


I feel like from the charts I'm sometimes missing some very short resource peak...




Expert Contributor

In CM you have an option in top-right corner to select period charts refresh.





New Contributor


Can you be more specific ? 


do you mean the "30m 1h 2h 6h 12h 1d 7d 30d" links ? If yes that's not what I'm looking for, I'm looking about how often are the metrics collected. 


For instance, I get the feeling that the cpu usage is sampled every minute, if possible I'd like to have a sample every 10 seconds.




New Contributor

I have the same question, need to increase the metric data frequency for some analysis. Still haven't figured it out.

Cloudera Employee

Hi @ericvinck,


In the charts section, you can choose the option of Data granularity to check the different options such as 



Every 10 minutes, 




You can not change the sampling here but if you want to change how many results time-series query returns per sample can be adjusted here. 

1. Select Administration > Settings.
2. In the Advanced category, set the Maximum Number Of Time-Series Streams Returned Per Time-Series Query or the Maximum Number of Time-Series Streams Returned Per Heatmap property.
3. Click Save Changes.

Read more about it in our documentation: I hope this helps.

New Contributor

Is there a way to change the sampling frequency? For my problem, I want to diagonalize some performance issue by observing the system resource usage within a minute. And reporting every 10 seconds or 5 seconds would be ideal for my situation.

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