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cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing


cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing

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Current issue I'm having:

* Cloudbreak deployment server stops serving the web UI and becomes unusable after 30-90 minutes of use.

* Restarting cbd ("cbd restart") at the shell prompt may bring the GUI back up some of the time, but the username/password doesn't work, and when I use linux to reset the passwd, I can login to the GUI, but it has lost all of my configurations and clusters and gives an error indicating that the UI cannot connect to CloudBreak.

* I have now scrapped it and started over 3 times (generating 3 new CloudBreak deployment VMs) and had the same result every time.

More details and background:

I downloaded and installed CloudBreak 2.7.1 for Centos7. I used it to generate a cbd-deployment virtual machine (in GCP), following the QuickStart (

It successfully ran and spit out a new public IP address for me to log into via https://THE_IP_ADDRESS. I navigated into the Cloudbreak GUI and logged in with my admin user auth. I went through the enitre process of setting up certs and deploying a cluster according to one of the blueprints. Everything worked wonderfully!! So excited!

Then, a half hour later when I tried using the cloudbreak deployment gui again, the server was no longer responding. I used ssh to connect into the linux shell and see what was going on. I found a couple of topics here in the HCC forum, that gave hints for troubleshooting the issue. Here are the two that seemed promising:

I tried a few things from the first article:

cd /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment
cbd ps
cbd start

This didn't solve the problem. Reading further, I tried:

cbd restart

This enabled the GUI again, but bad user/passwd auth. I used the linux "passwd" command to reset the password for my admin user, and once again I could get past the login screen. But, as noted above, an error popped up stating that it could not connect to CloudBreak. A red-badge at the upper-right side of the GUI highlighted [CloudBreak 0] as being in a failed state. All of the GUI screens (clusters, blueprints, credentials) showed up blank (no data). All is lost!!!


Not knowing what else to do, I started over. I have checked that SELinux and firewalld are disabled on the VM that cloudbreak generated for me. Initially, SELinux is disabled but firewalld was active (in the generated vm). So, I disabled and stopped the firewalld service and tried to "cbd restart". Now (on my 3rd dead cloudbreak-deploy vm box), I can't seem to revive even the GUI to the point where it will let me login.

Is the deployment vm generated by Cloudbreak 2.7.1 this unstable for everyone? Is Centos7 a bad mix with this version? Any suggestions please! I would love to use Cloudbreak, but I'm losing a little confidence in it's ability to not lose all my data and crash. Lol.

Thanks in advance!



Re: cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing

@Phil Scott

Could you please attach the output of the following to the case:

cd /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment
cbd ps
cbd create-bundle

That will contain all the logs necessary to find out what happened, without any sensitive info in them.

Hope this helps!


Re: cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing


Exactly same problem here. I actually follows the instruction here. I tried multiple times.


Re: cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing

New Contributor

We are running into the same issue. Also working with support ( they have been awesome). interestingly enough upgrading to 2.7.2 didn't fix the issue.



Re: cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing

@Phil Scott @Joe Diolosa @andrew chen

Sorry for the late response, your observation was right, there was a remote update by Google in the launched instances which resulted in Cloudbreak stopping after around one hour.

The fix is already merged.

Could you please try out 2.7.3-rc.4 version, which already contains the fix?

Hope this helps & sorry for the inconvinience.


Re: cloudbreak 2.7.1 crashing

@Phil Scott@Joe Diolosa@andrew chen

Unfortunately there was an unrelated issue in our 2.7.3.-rc.4 build causing an error, which we have corrected in 2.7.3-rc.21, so that is expected to work.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

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