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column names changes to uppercase instead of lowercase while using sqoop to import


I am trying to import a table from SAP using sqoop but i am running into an error

SAP DBTech JDBC: [260]: invalid column name: BANNER: line 1 col 8 (at pos 7)

The name of this table is banner and not BANNER so its a bit confusing on what is going on.

Any Help?

This is the command i am using to run this

"sqoop import --username SYSTEM --password ******. --connect 'jdbc:sap://***.***.**.***:39015/?currentschema=******' --table FOOD --driver --hive-import -direct -m 1"

Expert Contributor

First option: You can try lowercase version of table name. Second option: use --query optins instead of --table. Then write sql query. In the query, I hope you can use original table name.