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configure zookeeper Server on a different ethernet card - IP address

New Contributor

Request to check possibilityand steps on how to configure ZooKeeper Servers with diffrent IP address

This is to divert all health check traffic via diffrent ethernet Interface to Insulate workload issue's effecting components being brought down . Please respond if this can be acheived in any other way


Super Collaborator

Hi @sadanjan mallireddy,

by default Zookeeper Server binds(listens) to all the IPs/interfaces specified in the host,

on the reverse case, we can control this behavior by adjusting the parameter clientPortddress="required only IP/host name"

Abstract from Zookeeper documentation

New in 3.3.0: the address (ipv4, ipv6 or hostname) to listen for client connections; that is, the address that clients attempt to connect to. This is optional, 

by default we bind in such a way that any connection to the clientPort for any address/interface/nic on the server will be accepted.

from this, you can redirect the required traffic to another nic (as long as the firewall allows).

Hope this helps !!

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