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default flow file size in nifi


@Bryan Bende @Matt Burgess @Timothy Spann @Abdelkrim Hadjidj Hi , I am trying to upload a 4gb file to azure blob storage but I can see that the 4 gb file is getting uploaded in smaller files of 128mb and 64 mb .What property is splitting the 4gb file in 128mb or 64 . I have seen some of the properties like provenance.rollover.size =100mb but not sure if this splits the file .

I want to understand why this big file is getting uploaded in blocks of 128Mb and not as a whole of 4gb in on file .



I have figured out the real cause behind it . Heap size was splitting the big file into smaller chunks of 128mb each . I increased the heap size and then the single flow file of 1.7gb was uploaded to blob storage .

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