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default user/pass for SandBox

New Contributor

sent the query without the body...

I just installed Sandbox,

I got 2 options to connect:




in the 2 cases, I cannot login, I tried admin/admin for the Ambari, I tried root/root for the shell, but it doesn't work

any idea?

Thanks !!




The user  password is root /hadoop but you are advised to change it immediately and thereafter run the 

# ambari-admin-password-reset



 This will enable you to successfully start the ambari else  you won't have access to the ambari UI port 8080
If using the sandbox after the above procedure I suggest you shut it down and reconfigure the network so you can access it from the host class "C" network 192.168.0.x   use the Bridged Adapter and select the appropriate network whether wireless or your Cable LAN  I suggest  disable Adapter 2,3 and 4

Virtualbox Network setupVirtualbox Network setup


Once you restart the Sandbox it will pick a local IP which you could use to access Ambari  i.e 192.168.x.x:8080  also remember to update the sandbox /etc/hosts file with the new provisioned IP address



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