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difference between bootstrap.servers and


difference between bootstrap.servers and

New Contributor

Hi ,

Initially i was working on a kafka project using the deprecated API and was using property to connect to the broker ...New API suggests usage of bootstrap.servers property instead ... I could find where the bootstrap.servers property is set so i used the value of and it worked.... Didnt find a good enough documentation on the property so can someone tell me the difference between the two and where to find bootstrap.servers property ??/


Re: difference between bootstrap.servers and

Super Guru

@Sumit Chauhan

It looks like is deprecated and we need to use bootstrap.servers instead.

I found below github code snippet where it says is deprecated

val bootsrapServers = {
      warn("Kafka producer configuration contains ''. This configuration is deprecated . Samza has been upgraded " +
             "to use Kafka's new producer API. Please update your configurations based on the documentation at")
            .getOrElse(throw new SamzaException("No bootstrap servers defined in config for %s." format systemName))


Hope this information helps!