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difference between hdp and sandbox



sorry , but i want to know what is the difference between sandbox and HDP as two different tools




@Maher Hattabi Sandbox is supposed to be used for learning HDP and what tools it provides. It isn't supposed to be used for production use. Sandbox is a pre-built single-node version of HDP and is built with all the same features and tools. You would use it for exploring HDP and perhaps testing your ideas out on, then use HDP to install a full cluster (with multiple nodes) based on that experience.

Super Guru

HDP is a hadoop distribution stack like what other vendors do (ie cloudera, mapr, etc).

HDP is the only 100% true open source

to learn how to use all the HDP services (ie hadoop, pig, hive, etc), hortonworks engineers have assembled a sandbox. You can download it and play.

Then when you are ready to install software on a cluster, you would use the HDP official distribution.

HDP Sandbox = play ground for your first visit into hadoop

HPD = full cluster software

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