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distcp Job fails with delegation token renewal type: kms-dt


Version: HDP 2.6.5

Error while running DistCP job. Both clusters are Secure. Same Realm.

Error: Failed to renew token: Kind: kms-dt, Service: KMS-SERVER:PORT ()

Already tried setting mapreduce.job.hdfs-servers.token-renewal.exclude= target cluster

and also the specific KMS host name.


Expert Contributor


Hello Jagadeesan,

The cluster are not multi homed the TIME Line server is providing the required DT . The issue is specific to kms delegation token. Can you please confirm if this is a known issue. I have verified the below as well.

Expert Contributor

As mentioned in the article, did you modified KMS URL in Ambari and removed tailing "/' ? which resolved your issue or still facing same..?


Error stack contains: HTTP Status 403, Message: Forbidden no much details further.

Expert Contributor

Please can you attach full error logs to debug further, if issue persist..

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