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django_session crashed in Hue

django_session crashed in Hue

New Contributor

Hey guys!

I have been trying to startup Hue in the Cloudera training version. I am receiving an error saying that the django_session has crashed and needs to be repaired. Has anyone faced this issue before? 

Training issue.PNG


Re: django_session crashed in Hue

Cloudera Employee

@KiraAL you can try repairing the crashed table using below steps:


1. Make a copy of your MySQL data file e.g. ~/mysql_backup1

2. Make another copy of your MySQL data file to ~/mysql_backup2 before continuing.


3. Cd into ~/mysql_backup2


4. Run myisamchk ~/mysql_backup2/*.MYI
4.1 This command will list your damaged tables


5. Use "myisamchk --backup -r django_session"
5.1 -r means “recovery mode"
5.2 --backup means “Make a backup of the .MYD file as file_name-time.BAK”).
5.3 This removes incorrect rows and deleted rows from the data file and reconstructs the index file.


6. If the preceding step fails, use "myisamchk --backup --safe-recover django_session"


7. Put back your repaired MySQL data files from ~/mysql_backup2 into the original location


8. If any problem occurs after the repaired data files are restored restore the copy from the ~/mysql_backup1


The below link also document the way to repair a crashed table.

Mysql MyISAM Table-Maintenance Utility



Tarun Jangid

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