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docker container images for various hadoop services.

while provisioning HDP cluster on cloud using cloudbreak, from where are the docker images of various hadoop services downloaded ?


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@prachi sharma we are not using docker images on the provisioned cluster anymore but in the past we used this one which contains an ambari. Ambari is a deployment tool which can deploy any service what you want .

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There are a couple of things. Cloudbreak by default does not use docker on the HDP cluster. If you enable docker based provisioning it pulls the images from docker hub, but it pulls the ambari-server and ambari-agent images only. The HDP components are NOT isolated into individual docker images they are all running in 1 single docker container (ambari-agent container). However the docker based deployment is disabled for a while now. The only time we use it is with the yarn-services and mesos as providers.

Hi @khorvath ,

Why docker based deployment of hadoop services is not being used ? what are the issues in using the docker container based services ?

But as per cloudbreak uses docker container technology to deploy clusters in cloud-agnostic way.


Does this mean that Cloudbreak brings up an ambari server container and multiple ambari agent containers, which then will be extended with all executables and the configuration data for the user-chosen HDP services on these "nodes"?