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does hadoop works same on windows as linux?

New Contributor

if we install hadoop on windows , Do all commands works same . Lets say we list the content of a folder using following command

haddop ls path

does the same command will work on windows?


Super Mentor

@Mohammad Shadab

Windows Operating System is not mentioned in the Tested & Certified Support Matrix list here:

So it is better to be on the supported versions. If you want to use apache hadoop community version then you should refer to : (although the link seems to be to old and outdated)

Better will be to use the Linux based OS instead of Windows for running hadoop components.

New Contributor

Hey @Jay Kumar SenSharma Thanks for you reply , I understand its better to use linux . But dont see the answer i was looking for . My concern is if at all i run it on windows will commands will change or will remain same . If you have any idea on this will be great help for me.

Super Mentor

@Mohammad Shadab

Please provide us exacxt information about which version of Hadoop are you using? From where have you downloaded the Hadoop Binaries (from Apache / Hortonworks repos).

The Hadoop commands are standard commands .. like "hdfs dfs -ls /" and should remain same in different os binaries... however if you are looking out for scripts that we use to start/stop /manage the hadoop on Windows/Unix then it might difffer.

But if you are concerned anout any specific command then please let us know.

Super Collaborator

Yes, the commands work the same assuming you have winutils.exe on your PATH as well as HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_CONF_DIR defined as environment variables.

Windows is not as stable or as supported as Linux, however.

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