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druid: create and run Realtime node (streaming data with Kafka and Rabbitmq)


Hi all,

Do you know how to create Realtime node in Druid? How to run Realtime node (streaming data with Kafka and Rabbitmq)?

Thank you so much,



Hi Thuy Le,

Realtime nodes have been deprecated and are replaced by Realtime Index Tasks.

For ingesting data from kafka you can use kafka indexing service -

Here is a tutorial for the same -


Hi @Nishant Bangarwa,

Thank you so much for your answers, in the first link

it is the way we can ingest data to druid data from kafka using supervisor (I done it with kafka). However, I dont think I can do similar with Rabbitmq or other streaming as Spark, Storm ... Therefore, I want to use realtime node to ingest data to druid and test more with Rabbitmq, Spark, Storm ...

Do you have any suggestion for me to create realtime node and run it?

Many thanks

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