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error with insert statement in puthiveql processor in nifi

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I have a data flow where I want read data from HDFS and write it to the hive table. My data flow: 1. GetHDFS 2. Split text ( split the file by 1 line, as each line is valid json string) 3. splitjson ( to read the requird josn object, in my case its is gyrodata) 4. evaluatejson ( to select the requird attributes from gyrodata json object) Next step have done after following the this answer ( here) 5.update attribute ( where i am setting the values for "hiveql.args.N.type" and "hiveql.args.N.value") as shown below


6.replacetext processor to write the insert statement "INSERT INTO TABLE gyroscope PARTITION(carbox_id ='Carboxtest') VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,?, ?, ?);" I tried the insert statement ending with semicolumn and without semicolumn but same error 😞


7. puthiveql processor with below error ':


please find below my complete flow :



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The EOFs in the HiveQL statement look a little odd. Can you try "Entire Text" for the Evaluation Mode property in your ReplaceText processor? Also, leave off the semicolon unless you are using NiFi 1.2.0+ (added via NIFI-3031).