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exposing a nifi property as env variable

Expert Contributor

Is this the correct way of exposing a nifi property as env variable(in


prop_replace 'nifi.web.http.port'      "${NIFI_WEB_HTTP_PORT:-8080}"

 I expect it to expose nifi.web.http.port as NIFI_WEB_HTTP_PORT, and also setting it to default value of 8080.


Super Mentor


I am not clear on what you are trying to accomplish here. 
What is the use case?
What is your NiFi version?
What is your OS?

NiFi does not have a "" script.  Are you talking about the "" script.

Perhaps there are just some important details I am missing here.
also not sure why you would want to change the nifi..web.http.port configuration property in the file to a variable.  These properties are all read during startup of NiFi and evaluating NiFi variables is does not happen during NiFi startup.  Nor does NiFi support defining NiFi variables in the file.

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