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extract attribute value from file dynamically in nifi

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I am trying to extract the single attribute(dynamic attribute passing) value from a JSON file or TEXT file .


The config file format looks like below


"product.csv" :"INSERT INTO Product",

"Wholesale.csv" :"INSERT INTO Wholesale"



The above JSON can evolve based new sources files and can added many file names with respective hive queries .

I have config file at shareserver and able to retrieve the into middle of the nifi flow as per the attached screen-print . I able to retrieve the attribute values using Evaluate JSON path with fixed number of attributes . But the attribute value can be changed and i can't configure the same attribute name in Evaluate JSON path processor . I understand that getting attribute value by dynamically passing attribute names not possible in nifi processor like JSON to Attributes .




I know that below JSON path is wrong for product.csv and it should be like $.product.csv . Assume that before Fetchconfig , i will update the "filename1" attribute to product.csv or wholesale.csv or any filename in Updateattribute processor . Using that attribute , i need to get the value from the config file dynamically .


I would need some work around to pass dynamic "filename" as attribute and extract the values for that attribute and store into next processor flowfile attribute or flowfile content . I am still new to Nifi expression language . Please assist . Currently i need to retrieve 1 attribute value passing dynamic attribute value like filename




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