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falcon process is retrying more than configured


I have configured falcon process to run some shell script and made it to retry 10 times but it is retrying for 20 times,

I can see it in oozie web UI(Run=10). So any idea how to check and what could mistake I am doing.



Saurabh, it is not possible to answer your question because it contains insufficient information.

Please update your post and add the following info:

- the configuration that is supposed to tell Falcon to run your shell script, 10 times.

- exactly what you see in the oozie web UI


I am talking about following highlighted one. I have following retry in falcon but in oozie it is showing 20 run also my shell script is running 20 times. I have tested script by adding echo statement in start of the script.

<retry policy="periodic" delay="minutes(30)" attempts="10"/>