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fetching the metrics from Ambari metrics collector

Metrics CollectorThe standalone server that collects metrics, aggregates metrics, serves metrics from the Hadoop service sinks and the Metrics Monitor.
Metrics MonitorInstalled on each host in the cluster to collect system-level metrics and forward to the Metrics Collector.

I want to get metrics for Hbase from Metrics collector, as I could see metrics collector collects metrics and aggregates metrics and in Ambari Dashboard relevant metrics is being shown .

could some one please help me point out location where does metrics collector store aggregated metrics for different services like HBASE etc .



Hi @Anurag Mishra

AMS uses an embedded hbase/phoenix layer. You can query it, and there is a decent writeup on how to do that here:

@Sonu Sahi

can you please provide details where this data resides in hbase ?


hi @Sonu Sahi

thanks for your help , actually my focus is one data from where these tables are loading data into its table.


Hi, my pleasure. The docs are decent at describing how it works, and where the data comes from. You can probably start the research from this point, and follow the links on the page as needed:

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