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get data from linux to windows using NiFi

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I am trying to get data from linux machine to windows machine using NiFi. How can I do this or is this possible ?




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First you have to ask yourself how you accomplish this task now manually?
- Is there an SFTP server running on your Windows machine?
- Does your Windows machine have network share you can mount on your Linux machine.

The easiest approach may be to install NiFi on your windows machine and use the listSFTP and FetchSFTP NiFi processors to pull files from your Linux machine.  Then use the PutFile processor to write those files to a local directory on your windows machine where NiFi is running.

Another option is to setup a NiFi on both the Linux machine and Windows machine and use NiFi's Remote Process Groups to pass FlowFiles from one NiFi to the other.  Then on Linux side use the listFile and Fetch File to pickup files and then on Windows side use PutFile to write those files to local Windows file system.

Setting up NiFi on only the Linux machine requires you to have some way to connect to the Windows machine (SFTP server running on windows machine, Network share you can mount on your Linux machine, etc)

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