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get flowfile for provenance event



I'm using siteToSiteProvenanceReportingTask. In my flow I can then read provenance event, which references some FlowFile. But how to access that flowFile?




Provenance events are the history about what happened to a flow file, in most cases the flow file has already passed through the flow and is no longer in the system. These events are used to understand what happened to a piece of data, where it was delivered to, where it came from, etc.

Depending how you have your content repository configured, the content for a provenance event may still exist in the content repo. There is a concept of replaying a provenance event, there is a REST end-point if you look here for /provenance-events/replays



So now I need help with what-to-do-next, as I have no idea what is proper way how to do that in nifi.

I have Json and Avro. I want to validate Json using Avro (ValidateRecord processor?) and if it fails, I want to route FlowFile along with description what went wrong to failure relationship.

Currently there is this description emited as provenance file. I have modified code of ValidateRecord, I can use that if there isn't better way. I thought the provenance events is the way, a because of that I closed my pull request.

What is your recommendation?

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