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getting an error while creating a schema,getting an error while creating schema

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Sir, i have performed all the steps in ur article until creating a schema. I am using a customer.csv file and want to upload into hive table with struct data types like

case class customerClass(customer_id INT,customer_name STRING,addresses map<string,struct<street_1:string, street_2:string,city:string,state:string,zip_code:string>>,orders array<struct<order_id:string,order_date:string, items:array<struct<product_id:int,sku:string,name:string,price:double,qty:int>>>>).

but im getting an error as in screenshot attached



sir , i am through with creating and storing the customer.csv file as an orc file and creating an rdd for the same.. but when i try to create a schema for customerClass i get an error saying ": " expected buty identifier found. I want to create the customer table with struct data type


Hi @jeffin devasia Could you send me the link from which you are trying to do this tutorial?

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above is the link to the csv file and table-columns-for-retails.txt gives the table description for customer table..

I intend to create and load this data into a hive table .