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hbase hbck reports inconsistency immediately after adding hbase service

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ERROR: Found inconsistency in table SYSTEM.CATALOG


Hello Everyone,


I am seein the below error's in hbase when i checked the inconsistency of hbase.


ERROR: Found inconsistency in table SYSTEM.CATALOG 

ERROR: There is a hole in the region chain between  and .  You need to create a new .regioninfo and region dir in hdfs to plug the hole



Can some one please address the issue and suggest me with valuable inputs.

Thansk in advance.




Re: ERROR: Found inconsistency in table SYSTEM.CATALOG

Cloudera Employee

Hello Vinod,


Please refer to the previously mentioned hbck guide[1] or review the Appendix C[2] which is referenced at the end of that documentation that further discusses usage of hbck.


Generally near every hbck troubleshooting is best begin with a single

$ sudo -u hbase hbase hbck -fixAssignments

As this will try to assign all regions that are not deployed at the time of the running. Holes can be present by many different reasons, the first step is reviewing if every region is assigned successfully, would the hole persist. Reassigning regions successfully usually eliminates the holes in the region chain.


It's also a good practice to see if the Apache HBase "thebook" has any information about the issue at hand. As CDH5.8+ uses HBase 1.2 it's best to check out the corresponding version of the Apache Documentation on HBase[3]. If you would have CDH6.0.x then it's best to review HBase 2.0's documentation of the same[4] which has hbck2.


[1] - Checking and Repiring HBase tables CDH5.15.x -

[2] - Apache HBase documentation v1.2 / Appendix C -

[3] - Apache HBase documentation v1.2 / HBase hbck -

[4] - Apache HBase documentation / HBase HBCK2 -

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